I have had the honor of witnessing and receiving the gifts that Jess Bray has come to share with the world. Her voice is magical, compassionate and caring. She comes from a beautiful place of intention and grace. Her “Awaken Your Sacred Voice” play-shop was transformative for me in so many ways. She shares the wisdom she knows in such a tender, kind way and creates a safe place for people to connect with, uncover, and rediscover their sacred voice. She is a master at creating sounds with her voice that transcend what most people have awareness of. I love witnessing her share her voice with people for the first time, watching others light up. I have received, been energized and revitalized by her vocal vibrations on so many occasions and I am truly grateful to be healed by her very presence in my life. Thank you Jess for coming to this world and being dedicated to the truth of who you are and what you came here to share. My life has been made more beautiful with you in it. I honor you!

~ Karen Renée Robb – founder of Frame Drum Wisdom


Jess Bray knows the “secret” to a free flowing, full and Blissful Life. Your own Voice! For many Lifetimes, Jess has been a Healer, Seer, Priestess…Shaman. She not only has knowledge that she has gained in this life, but carries with her centuries of generational memories. She is always conscious of her Ancestors and Guides. When you receive a Sound experience or even a message from Jess, you can trust with absolute faith that you are receiving from the entirety of the Omniverse. I can say this as I have known Jess for many of these centuries and knew the instant we met that we were Sisters.

Jess not only helped me to awaken my sacred voice, she gave me full permission to use it. That was a great gift indeed! I have been a Natural since birth. I was healing as a small child. I always loved to sing…I’ve had a Prayer Language since the age of 11. Growing up in an abusive situation, I found I stashed some gifts away for use only when I was alone, and sometimes I didn’t feel confident doing that. As I became an adult, I learned who would accept these gifts and who wouldn’t, so I let that determine how I would use them. Musical talent flowed freely in my family, both singing and playing instruments. I was critiqued more than encouraged. Therefore, I learned to be quiet. Jess immediately knew I had blockages and fears and helped me sweep them away with Love and Song.

This is how Jess gave me permission to use my voice! She knows what can result from keeping your Sacred Voice locked inside…a stagnant and lonely feeling stays with you, reminding you something needs to change! I am grateful for the pleasure of walking a journey with Jess in this life! She not only reinforced the Truth that my gifts are very real but that they need to be shared, for that is the reason I have been given the ability to Heal! What will she help find in you that needs to Flow and Fly?

~ Bethany


I have had the honor of receiving many healing sessions with Jess. She is able to use her voice as a catalyst to open and clear energetic blockages in my body. These healing frequencies transcend time and space. The healings thus, release from the origin opening portals for spiritual growth for me. Lifetimes of karma flow like tingling waves washing the debri from my body as her voice brings me to the Halls of Amenti. Jess embodies the ancient priestess healing practices of toning and energy play. I highly recommend a session from Jess any day!!! Thanks Jess!

~ Julia


Jess has come into the world this time as a powerful angel, a clear channel, a sweet beacon of light and love. We met just a few months ago at a retreat at my house and immediately recognized each other as a soul friends. Even though she is half my age, and I’ve been living my path a long time, I have felt mentored, counseled, supported and deeply loved by this sweet heart in a rare and precious way.

Jess’s big YES to life is inspiring and contagious. She is a great listener and provides guidance with such gentleness and humor that sometimes days later that some pearl of wisdom from her heart has created a brilliant shift in your awareness. It is a joy to be in her presence. Her deep vitality, joy, energy and aliveness are positively contagious. She is also able to kindly hold space for the tears that come with the release of old patterns and pain.

I am grateful for this new connection with Jess and congratulate her in gathering the courage to step up and offer her unique gifts in a wider way.

Her healing gifts are phenomenal. She did a sound/vibrational session with me that was a very important start for my peeling away some layers and living much more peacefully from the heart. My friendship with Jess has been an amazing gift and I’m clear she has many gifts to offer our community.

~ Diana


I have known Jess for 30 years. She is a caring, loving, person and is so passionate about her dreams and each path her heart and spirit lead her to follow. She is extremely gifted. Her passion for children, as well as, adults, has led her to new heights of education and healing. She has been blessed to be in a position where she can extend and share these gifts with others. Her intuition is immense. I know this from personal experience. Although I have many years beyond her, she has guided me through so many life experiences and challenges with great passion and knowledge. She is a blessing to any and all lives she touches. Thank you dearest one for touching my life in every way. Keep up the meaningful work you are called to do and continue to touch all the lives that cross your path. I love you Jess. ♥

~ Chelia


Jess, you are an angel and all who know you feel this truth. You are Hawk Wisdom shinning bright and flying high as a beacon of light for all those who who cry to be healed. Infinite rays of sound spiral all around with love and mercy for the souls who found you. They will be blessed by the mere presence of your spirit. I for one can attest to this and hope many will hear it. They will know when they see a Hawk flying high above calling them to free their own spirit…

~ Kristina


Jess radiates compassion and wisdom. The softness of her voice, the presence of love that she conveys, her empathy and unclouded perception distinguish her as a unique healer.

~ Danielle

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