#tbt circa 2006, at 23, when I did a burlesque shoot to surprise hubby. Short hair, makeup and the 50s Silverstone guitar my Uncle gave me when he passed that sadly I lost to the Nashville flood in 2009. I miss the sound of her, the guitar I first learned to play. Grateful I have this image to help keep her memory alive. I haven’t had an acoustic since. #reminiscing

Photo by Georgeanna Bray @shoppompomvintage 😙

Herstory, like the drum, is cyclical and destined to resurface, no matter how hard outside forces try to alter or erase it. Inspired by my research on the ancient shamanic drumming practices of the Sami, indigenous peoples of Scandinavia. #ancientremembering #wecarryitinourdna
#thereisnosuchthingasjunkdna #shrinkfornoone #wearesacred

Curious to discover if there was any history of using frame drums in Sweden, my paternal ancestral origin, I quickly dove into this beautiful rabbit hole. 🐰🌌
In ancient times, before the spread of Christianity, women were the Shaman, the community healers, and they were the carriers of their most sacred tool, the frame drum.

Originally known in Sami culture as a Noitarumpu, later known as witches drum, this sacred instrument was primarily used for ecstatic excitation but also divination. Through the rhythm, the shaman could achieve a trance state, free to leave their body, travel other realms and take other forms. Sea Sami recount they may even move mountains. (Which is funny, because I say this in my YouTube bio.) •
It has been learned that all Sami households probably had a drum before persecution brought about by Christianity, when most of the drums were taken and destroyed. Even the Sami flag features a circle, representing the drum as a bridge between worlds. •
And if there wasn’t enough synchronicity, I discovered the mimicking of nature sounds and practice of overtone singing.

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When you’re nursing a two year old, but it feels like you’re nursing a litter, and your boobs are tiiiiired. 😅 1825+ days and counting these breasts have fed our boys. I am grateful for breastfeeding, and also, I am feeling the desire to reclaim my body’s landscape. Any other extended nursing Mamas out there relate?
Artist @egeislekel

Childhood memories resurrected. Too long it has been since I’ve embraced one of these magnificent beings. 💫

Repost via @art_for_breakfast ✧ @vikaristudio ✧
• Silence
• Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
• Artist: Ariana Poe
• Instagram: @vikaristudio 🎨
⇢ www.vikari.org
This painting was inspired by a Winston S. Churchill quote, “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

So excited to have the first single released for my new commUnity blesSings EP! Listen now on SoundCloud! Link in profile.
This is a commUnity driven project, and I need your help! Check out my announcent a couple posts back for details on how you can contribute, and feel free to tag/share away. 😘

Thank you @wiredandstoned for the challenge! When I look inside my highest self, I see a light only I can carry for the world. I see that magic exists in the small everyday moments of connecting, loving and living this life on planet earth. I will share my truest self and voice in the world because I must. To shut it out would be to deny my Soul, my very existence and purpose for being. I believe, no matter how many ears and hearts my music graces, I will sing on, because the vibrations exist for the benefit of the world and the Soul of all. #rainbowwarrior #livefullspectrum #highestselfie

2016, thank you for properly kicking my ass and making me new, over and over again. So many lessons, trials, beauty and growth in just one year. •
In this final day of 2016, I have all the feels that this coming year is going to be more connected, creative, and adundant than ever, and I’m allowing myself to get giddy over it all. It’s from abundance which abundance flows after all. 😉

In truth, time, in and of itself, changes nothing. It is the nature of the symphony life itself, ever changing the lanscape. It is in the desires we welcome, and the choices we make in alignment with those desires. •
I am grateful for each and every one of you who have come along with me on this ride. Who have born witness to my shifting tides and loved me through it all. •
Allowing each of us to be the complex, ever-changing, messy and magnificent creatures we were born to be is one of the greatest gifts we can give one another. For in truth, I am you and you are me, and we are only as free as we allow ourselves to be. #perspective ya know? 💫

2017, I see you, you sexy beast, and we’re coming for you. 🙋🌎🌺🎉

What lessons did you learn this year? Let’s share the wisdom, tribe, shall we? 💞

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Tending the sacred flame of my heart’s desires for this coming year with a 100% cannabis candle hubby made me. 🔥💓 •
I’m feeling a lot of offering/trading, collaborations and #tribevibes, and I’m giddy with excitement at the possibilities of what can be created when I remain open and communicate what I wish to manifest. •
No more going it alone as an island, and no more compartmentalizing. “A Muse in Harmony” will encompass all of my artistic pursuits, and I have some fun ideas for the year ahead I plan to share soon. •
I want to take a moment to thank my dear tribe family, Lobo @manplusvan and Glow @thegoldenglow, for lighting a fire in me during their visit to record my music video and inspiring me through their new @spiritofferings and @lobosflow podcast. You two are such a blesSing. 💞

Here’s to tending the sacred flame for all the beauty that is to come. A few emerging themes for 2017… #togetherness #communication #openness and always #love

#tbt to this sexy man, circa 2007. I was looking through old photos and found this gem. One of my all-time faves, sitting in Jack of the Woods Pub across from our downtown hotel room in Asheville, three years into our married life with no babes yet to feed.
The weight of supporting a family can be overwhelming, and I must admit, I look back on this photo fondly, imagining how little responsibility we had. At the same time, I am grateful we chose this path of parenthood, as I feel how much more love, strength and wisdom our children have brought to our world.
Thank you, lovey, for choosing me, for choosing us, for making babies with me and working so hard to take care of us. It’s not an easy job at times, I know, but I’m convinced there is no road we can’t cross together. You are the most humble, caring and giving person I know, and it is an honor to be at your side. I love you, @jonaaronbray, now and always.

Our Solstice babe turns 2 in just 8 days. This picture from 6 months melts me every time. Born at just under 11lbs., you’re presence has always been mighty. You’re no stranger to the ways of healing and are a fervent observer and learner. You settle for no less than your heart’s desire, and when you don’t get your nap out or you’re hungry, you’re a real crab…just like Mama. 😂 So grateful for this journey with you. #Omlife #almost2

One more. Missing my love, @jonaaronbray, while he does an install today. Can you tell? 😄 I love this. Thanks again @third_eye_thirst. We’re on the same wavelength today. 😘

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Confessions of a former feminist…

Confessions of a former feminist…

Feminism, as defined by Merriam-Webster : The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.                  

Yes! Equal rights and opportunities. I get down with that! AND Why does this seemingly larger than life word and movement, “feminism” mean equality of sexes? If we began calling it masculinism, I’m pretty sure there would be a fight, and rightfully so.

In my observation, the feminist movement stems from displaced anger. Anger over old separatist beliefs that do not serve us and are perpetuated by our continuing to “fight” them. When will we let go and simply honor what we have in common? We are human be-ings who want to love and be loved. Isn’t it time we let go of all the labels of division? Is our holding on to the idea of an inhibiting patriarchy continuing to hold us back and divide us?  Don’t get me wrong, I have seen good things happen under the intentions of feminism, AND I’ve also seen a movement that oppresses men AND women in the process. It doesn’t feel like a step forward in balancing the pendulum, but an overcorrection in the other direction.

I see a world of kind, caring people incredibly guilt-ridden and afraid of being politically incorrect. Fuck politics! That’s an antiquated business for the power-hungry and afraid. We should be careful in “protecting” one that we do not oppress and silence another.  I see feelings handled with kitty gloves today. I see people scared of sharing their ideas for fear of being labeled as sexist or racist. I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited to share this for that same fear of judgment from my many feminist friends. Even my 7 year old son began saying, “I hope this isn’t sexist/racist, but…” before some of his statements (that weren’t at all sexist/racist btw). Dude!! Is that what we want?!

No matter how hard we try, we can’t get equality by fighting against inequality. Energy doesn’t work that way. Where focus goes energy flows.

What I ask is for a revolution in our approach. The last time I checked, a person’s actions, not their private parts, skin color or place of birth, were the measure of their integrity. The future is NOT female. The future NOT male. The future is together. And while I’m at it, ALL lives matter. Sex, race and culture are beautiful and tell a story, but singling one out to place on a pedestal is exclusive and creates more division.  These are constructs that do NOT require defending. They describe us NOT define us. Does the grey wolf judge a black wolf for its genetic variance of color? No! Nature does not judge, and as much as we may feel separate from it, we ARE nature.  

Can we begin to see the differences as cause for celebration of our uniqueness instead of cause for finding fault and blame? For peace in the present and the future of our children and planet, I hope and believe so.

As I conclude, a majestic Stellar’s Jay just popped by my window with a nut in its mouth to remind me. Do not be afraid to stand out and speak your truth. Your seeds of wisdom are nothing to hide or be ashamed of but to be shared. The life of a visionary messenger can be a lonely, difficult road at times, but there’s a reason you’ve been gifted these pearls and strength of Spirit. For you might not be alone, and you may just be the only one brave enough to voice the heart of many. And when you do, you’ll likely find you’re not as alone as you once thought.  Do not hide. Do not shrink yourself, and most importantly, do not fear what’s true to your heart and Soul. Love always prevails.

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