Autumnal Equinox 2014

Autumn Skye Art
Autumn Skye Art

∞  Bliss – Fall Equinox to all my Relations  ∞

Feeling the deep surrender, acceptance of what is, gratitude of what has come and what will be-come, excitement for the unknowing, finding the place of absolute trust and knowing that all is all-ways well and in perfect divine order, letting go of patterns of thinking causing vibrations that do not serve me and my relations, understanding that control is limiting and release makes way for unlimited potential, discovering that my peace and happiness in the now…right now…is the most important task at hand and all else will orchestrate as it is meant to, when it is meant to. I am empty, I am full. I give thanks for this season of life.

One Love,
~ Jess  ♥ ∞

Full Harvest Supermoon 2014 ~ Sing Myself AWAKE ~ Day 40


by the light of the full harvest supermoon, my intentions are set in melodic vocal vibrations

‪#‎singmyselfAWAKE‬ ~ Day 40

Countless blossoms of beauty and emergence have come to fruition during these 40 days of daily spontaneous vocal offerings.  I am grateful for every Soul who sings themselves and the world awake.  May we all remember the power of heart and soul singing in our every day lives.

~ Jess ♥ ∞

HeartSong Collective ~ Sing, Service and Potluck for Compassion Games International


Join us during this year’s Compassion Games International, for “HeartSong Collective ~ Sing, Service and Potluck” for Hollow House at Rabbit Hole Hollow! Cindy Moonrose and Martin Holsinger do so much for our community. Here’s our chance to give back in their time of need.

Cindy and Martin’s Story…
About 18 months ago, fire told Cindy and Martin it was time for a new house, one more suited to the unique qualities of the site in terms of yearly solar patterns – a house that is both private and can accommodate events and workshops – a house for middle aged Cindy and Martin to grow old in and be able to share their knowledge and skill with others for as many years as possible.

As Cindy turned her attention to the 2nd blaze of the night, the 3rd arrival of fire trucks in as many days, she received the message that this fire, this “housecleaning”, is benevolent and is on the way to the fulfillment of dreams. Having been denied fire insurance years before, Cindy and Martin would learn so much about community, and community members would learn in association with the fund-raisers, work parties and workman camaraderie.

Developing skill in navigating what life brings has been a passion of Cindy and Martin for decades. Recovering from the house fire, designing a house and acting as contractor – returning to the present moment and trust repeatedly, believing in their ability to follow the cues for what actions to take next in gathering information, in raising funds, etc. – figuring out how to live without a house in a camping situation, getting through summer’s heat and winter’s cold has been a huge adventure!

WHEN? Saturday, September 13th, 1pm – 6pm

1 – 3:30 Compassionate Service Party…Singing while we work!
3:30 – 5 Introductions and Singing the vision
5 – 6 Picnic supper/potluck*
*Bring eating equipment (plate/bowl, utensils, napkins, cup, etc…) and something to sit on, food for yourself/ food to share.

Rabbit Hole Hollow
5155 Drakes Branch Road Nashville, TN 37218
Cindy MoonRose and Martin Holsinger
615-876-2635 or cell 615-310-2904

*Due to limited parking, CARPOOL is RECOMMENDED.

Be sure your device takes you by the intersection of Kings Lane and Drakes Branch Road.
We are up a gravel road almost at the dead end of Drakes Branch Road.
Look for the row of mailboxes on a stand on your left near the end of the blacktop.
Turn left on gravel road just beyond mailbox stand. Take left fork up a hill. You will see house draped with blue tarp. Be careful to park in a way that doesn’t block other cars.
This is a construction site, so it is muddy and it cools off in the evenings and is cooler than in town.

INTENTION?  Various ceremonies have already been performed in connection with the fire, demolition and envisioning. Now it is time for this structure to appear in the physical plane! You are invited to stir the elements, nourish this form with sound. May we experience another aspect of who we are as we sing for this structure: Hollow House at Rabbit Hole Hollow. Let us sing in ease for materials and labor, the attraction of harmonious skilled helpers, safety, a good time building and creating, and a good winter of hand-making/refurbishing parties in the house making light fixtures, cabinets and more. Let’s envision a center for much growth in consciousness and knowing ourselves as part of Nature.

RSVP on Facebook today!

Visit gofundme to offer a financial contribution to the Recovery & Rebuilding of Hollow House at Rabbit Hole Hollow. Let’s help Cindy and Martin reach their financial goal to make their home and community learning center vision a reality!


Stay tuned to’ Harmony on Facebook for the latest info and updates.

 “Today, at 62 years old, is the first time I have understood that I am one with all […]  I am not above or separate from anything.”

May 11, 2014: Awaken Your Sacred Voice ~ Celebration of Mothers



Join my Mother and I at her quaint home among the trees for this very special Mother’s Day Sacred Voice Play-shop Celebration. We will connect deeply with ourselves and each other, getting those yummy pleasure hormones flowing with sincere heart sounding connectivity. Together we will raise the good vibrations for ourselves, the planet and all BEings. 

~ Jess Bray ♥

In this Play-shop we will…
♥ Come together in sacred harmony
♥ Embrace the art of allowing
♥ Deeply listen and hear the music within and around ourselves
♥ Awaken the voice as a sacred instrument for healing
♥ Discover the wisdom of the elements and practice activating them with our voices
♥ Sing into being ~ Create with our voices ~ Sing our intentions

Address will be provided to all confirmed attendees prior to the play-shop.

Investment in self…
4 hours of your time and energy
$50 (min.) love offering (*see Prepay Instructions below)

What to bring?
~ frame drum is encouraged, but not a requirement
~ your favorite snacks

*PREPAY INSTRUCTIONS: I am now asking for prepayment to ensure attendance and a timely start. Once you RSVP, please send $50 (min.) love offering to through Paypal.
Need assistance? Photo tutorial here…

Need to pay with cash or check? Please arrive a few minutes early, so we can begin on time. Thanks so much!
If you’d like to host “Symphony of Creation ~ Awaken Your Sacred Voice” please connect with me.

For the latest Play-shop info and updates, Like this on Facebook!

A Poem for the Present ~ April 2014

image ~ artist unknown
image ~ artist unknown

Deep uncovering
Light and dark merge as One,
Not halves, but whole,
Love of ALL,
Divine Mother sharing
new gifts of Spring,
Opening sails to new territory,
Blessed relations unite,
Infinite Creation blooming,
Mysteries revealed
Heaven on Earth
our choice,
Open the present,
~ Jess Bray 

Saturday March 22nd, We Love Water

I’ll be singing to the waters with a dear Soul Sister.  Hope you can join us, this Saturday at 3pm, wherever you are.

Connect to the waters within and without, and from the heart, sing, speak and feel your visions of clean, pure waters. And so it is!

~ Jess Bray ♥ 

Spring Equinox 2014

Photo by Jess Bray "Spring's First Light"
Photo by Jess Bray “Spring’s First Light”

“Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love!” ~ Sitting Bull

Merry Spring Equinox Soul Family! 

~ Jess Bray ♥

New Song, New Moon, New Beginnings

New song, new seeds, new moon, Chinese new year, new Spring emerging (Imbolc/Brigid’s Day, Feb 1st). Here’s to all the deep sacred seeds we’ve planted this winter, and the fresh new beginnings soon to sprout! ~ Jess Bray ♥

P.S. Love that the time on the vid is 313…

~ BIG UPDATE Soul Family ~


I write today to let everyone know that I’m going “off grid” for a while…no phone, no internet. There are three spots left for the Awaken Your Sacred Voice play-shop on the 26th. I will check in again just prior to the event to provide the location address to anyone else who feels called to attend. I am so looking forward to singing and creating with you!

Moment by moment, I am following my highest guidance. I have shifted to a whole new level of work this year. The focus is planetary and cosmic evolution. The new world has officially birthed, heaven on earth is here and now, and with any newborn, there is much nurturing and integrating to do. Seating heaven on earth has been my vision/creation work for countless lifetimes. To be alive to witness its fruition is epic.

The time has come to BE the love you are. There is no greater gift to yourself and ALL-kind. In honor, care and full, loving embrace of ALL (light and shadow) plant, animal, vegetable, mineral and human, physical and non-physical aspects of Creation, we embody peace and true community for this planet and beyond.

At this time, the whales are calling me, and my 4 year old son to Hawaii to assist in the healing of the waters of the world and more. We will arrive there next month to do as we are instructed by Highest Self/Source/Creator. I’ve always believed in the phrase, “ask and you shall receive”, so I’m taking a big step and opening up for perhaps the first time in this life to ask for love offerings to assist my son and I in making this journey.

Your heart-full donations will help to pay our humble travel expenses and will be benefiting the planet and beyond. Any amount you can spare is infinitely appreciated and will be returned to you by Spirit, tenfold. If you feel led, please send your donation through Paypal to  If you need help sending money through Paypal, check out this tutorial.  You can email me at that same address if you don’t have a Paypal and would still like to contribute via snail-mail. I’m going “offline”, but will check my email from time to time.

Thank you all for BEing. Infinite Love-Light to you and yours. BElieve in YOUrself…you are Creator in-body.

Be Blissed InJoy,
Jess Bray ♥
(Disa – Love of the Stars)

New Year, Super New Moon, Authentically Empowered New YOU

photo by Michael Shumate
photo by Michael Shumate

This New Year, this Super New Moon, I’m not going to share yet another “report” from somewhere, telling you what planets are in alignment, what to expect and what it is that you should do to ring in the days, weeks and months ahead.  Instead, I want to encourage and empower YOU to allow YOURself the presence of each moment.

Within the presence of each moment, within yourself, are all the tools, gifts and wisdom you’ll ever need to prepare, enlighten and guide you in each new moment of the new year and all the new years ahead.  There’s nothing complicated or analytical about it, and there’s no need to plan ahead.  It’s really just as simple as Loving and Trusting yourself enough to be here right now, and continue being here right now through each and every moment, allowing the breath of spirit fully in (refreshing and enlivening you) and fully out (cleansing you), without attachment.

All that comes into your field of experience has been drawn to you by your energetic alignment with it.  Living fully within each moment, you’re able to sense the messages and gifts you’ve drawn into your experience, so that you may expand deeper, higher and wider than the moment before.  All the elements, animals, minerals, plants, humans, spirits and energies your highest self attracts have messages/gifts for you, helping to guide you to the next step on your true divine path.  Listen from your heart, trust your intuition, and the guidance they offer will be revealed, propelling you into the next moment of your magical journey.

Each being in all of existence carries with them the wisdom of the whole.  Each being is a unique Soul manifestation of Source, who from the non-physical perspective, chose this body/earth experience for expansion of Spirit, and to be a vehicle for Source creation.  Recognize and honor the amazing-ness of YOU.  Only YOU carry your particular perspective and song, and only YOU can create and sing in the specific way you do.  Embody, trust and BE the strength, power, gift of insight and knowing that you carry, and instead of looking to others to show you the way, look within and show yourself.

Here’s to fully embracing and BEaming YOU in each moment of the new year and beyond.  Happy 2014 Soul Family!

InJoy & Infinite Love,

Jess Bray ♥

2014 ~ Year of the Horse

Painted Pony Abstract by Marcia Baldwin
Painted Pony Abstract by Marcia Baldwin

SO ready for the year of the horse. We’ve done some deep Soul excavation and contemplation this year. Time to pony up, put our intuitions swiftly into action and transmute our visions and dreams into being. Ready to ride 2014 to its fullest?! Bring it on! ~ Jess Bray ♥

Want a helpful companion for your journey? I’d love to assist you in reconnecting with the tools you already have, igniting your innate wisdom to access the highest potential in each moment of your Soul’s grand adventure. For more info, check out my services.