Fu*k Fear : A Song of Perseverance for Trying Times

I could wait until it’s perfect to share, but ya’ll know that’s not my style. πŸ˜‰ A song written through tough times that called upon my resiliency. A time when outside forces were attempting to control me. This song is my Phoenix, rising from the ashes. This is me choosing love over fear.

I hope you enjoy this new installment of my #musicandmotherhood. May it remind you what you’re made of, and provide a soothing balm for a chaotic world.

My Love,

~ Jess

2020 Releases + Farewell to A Muse in Harmony + A Call To Arms

Let’s get right down to it. 2020 has been a theme park of a year. Okay, more like a side show. πŸ˜‚ I’ve had some amazing highs! And to say we’ve ALL had our fair share of challenges is an understatement, but for the sake of this share, and the mental health of all, let’s stick to the good stuff shall we? Alrighty!

Spring brought new horizons for our family. No sooner than our little turned one, we closed our Colorado chapter and began a new one in Oklahoma. (More juice on that later.)

Just before I packed up my magical, snowy canyon studio, I dipped my toes into a whole new style, writing verse + hook and recording vocals one last time for my new producer friend out of Israel, Guyku Music. Go Slow, a conscious R&B single, co-released on my Birthday in April, to all streaming outlets. Shortly after, we released a music video to YouTube combining footage from my mountaintop adventures in Ouray, Colorado and a beautiful Israeli orchard where Guyku performed his lyrics.

Soon after, in May, came my first solo release since L.Y.L.A.S., produced with Guyku Music. Too Much for You, a Neo-Soul / Alt. Pop flavored record for all the bad-A bi*ches, standing in their power.

Alright, now that you’re caught up on releases, it’s time to announce my new site address, It’s already live, and on November 21st, will be laid to rest. Make sure you are signed up to receive emails, as I will continue to make updates here. Baby let’s get back to the basics, m’kay?

A little caveat… You see, I returned to Instagram and Twitter this year, convinced that the only way to share my music and actually be seen was in that space. Then arose the “plandemic” + deep state propaganda machine in full swing, revealing the corruption and bias within these globalist platforms, I had been choosing to ignore.

No more could I turn a blind eye and continue to contribute to those spaces, who would rather protect pedos and crooks while censoring creative content that they claim doesn’t meet their ever changing guidelines.

I realized the power was in my hands. I could make a better choice for myself. I could free my myself and my music from those platforms, and I did! (Not saying YouTube, Google or streaming services are all sunshine and roses, but pick your battles yo! πŸ˜…) I’m really excited to invest my energy into something that’s mine, free from censorship, free to exercise my first amendment rights!

So here I am, going out on a limb, choosing to believe that I can maintain + build a true underground community on my own accord, through a space that’s been my safe haven since 2012, my very own little web. It’s been here for me all along, and I neglected it for years, allowing social media giants to own my content. No more!

I am crazy enough to believe this community I’ve created will one day grow to giant proportions. How might I do that? Build a huge audience from just YouTube and my website?

That’s right, I’m looking at YOU!

Here are a few ways you can help a Sister out:

1. Sign up for my email list at Subscribers get my updates first, and I promise not to be spammy. πŸ˜„

2. Follow me on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Musicwherever you stream!

3. Like + Add my songs to your playlists. Stream, stream, and then, stream some more! Did you know that streaming service giants pay approx. .004 per full stream?? It truly is a numbers game.

4. Share my music with your family + friends, and ask them to keep the share train rolling. Word of mouth is gold!

5. Show your support + help me create more music by donating to my Venmo @jessbraymusic. How would I spend it? In home sitter for my three kids, a Vevo account so I don’t have to rely on YouTube and production costs ya’ll!

6. Comment on my content, friends! I love to hear from you!

I believe in you, Soul fam! I believe in US!

Let’s show the world we don’t need the social media giants or record labels to be heard!

Let’s show the world that a homeschooling Mama of three can create a thriving career in music. That I can live my passion and be a present Mother.

In the lyrics of Sonny and Cher, “You got me, and baby, I got you.” Together we rise!

Infinite Love and Gratitude,

~ Jess

L.Y.L.A.S. Out NOW!

I’m beyond stoked to announce, L.Y.L.A.S., an anthem for Soul Sisters, is now available to stream + download worldwide!

Spotify, Apple, Tidal, Deezer, YouTube Music, name your price download at BandCamp and more!

Want to know the story behind the track? Check out my recent post.

What are you waiting for?! Click on the image above to start listening now, add it to your playlists, and share with your friends.

Huge thanks to Amanda, for over 30 years of friendship, and for inspiring this song. And thanks to all my friends and family, who’ve encouraged and supported me to share my musical passion with the world. I’m now forever immortalized in the interwebs, and it feels so damn good!

Now, get out there and live YOUR dreams!

Highest Love,


NEW SINGLE about to drop! LYLAS – A Song about Soul Sisters.

We all have friends that feel like family. Amanda, my bestie since age 5, is that lifelong ride or die Sister for me, so when her Birthday rolled around, August 22nd, I knew what I wanted to do…write her a song, of course! And thus, LYLAS, an anthem for Soul Sisters everywhere, was born.

As many moves as I’ve made over the years, she always comes to visit. This was taken at a pastry shop in Seattle during a Sister’s day out. #LYLAS
Backwoods copywriter right here! Haha! I still do it the good ole fashioned way, by mailing it to myself.

Written, played, sung, recorded, produced and released by yours truly, LYLAS will be my first single, recorded in my brand new home studio, to hit all major streaming outlets! Happy Birthday, Manda! Love you like a Sister forever!

I’ll be back with a link as soon as it drops, so be sure to sign up via email for all the latest updates. Till then, keep doing YOU, staying true and enjoying the view!

Highest Love,

Jess Bray

August 2019 Update : Lessons from the Bear

It’s time to face the music. I checked out. And the truth is, I needed it. I still need it. Crave it. Honor it. My Soul needs to hibernate and focus to create. 

: Balance :

I’m a Mama bear with a healthy new boy cub. My third. My last. And it felt so right to hibernate in our cabin, high in a snowy, wild western canyon to give birth and grow together, unbeknownst to the ‘world’. We even saw a real Mama bear and her wee cub recently on a backcountry road. Yeah, I see you. πŸ™πŸ‘

: Grace :

With this space, I’ve watered my myself and those I hold dear and watched our dreams manifest. In just this short time away from public eye, with support from my hubby, I’ve aligned with my goal of self-producing + publishing my music from my own pro home studio and once the collections are ready, I’ll be making them available to you, wherever you stream.

: Clarity :

For now, I am choosing to invest in making updates + announcements here at, and contributing to my other new baby,, the home of our initially Instagram based Modern Muses Oracle project, still very much alive, with weekly BTS video conferences with my badass co-creators.

: Focus :

I want to thank the many who have gone above and beyond to reach out to me, follow my Musings, my Twitter, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, YouTube…even text or email me (gasp!…Lol!), asking where you can find my music. And seriously, it means the world to me that you want to hear the lyrics that stream through my mind and flow through my voice. 

: Gratitude :

I check out to rest, to be for sake of BEing, to love, to feel, to grow, to create! So that what I bring to the ‘world’ when I return feels real, meaningful and carries power. I check out because it’s okay (nay, necessary!) to simply live for yourself and your family and to take the time and space you need, lens free.

: Allowing :

With the Highest Love and Deepest Peace,

Jess Bray

~A Muse in Harmony~

Life will challenge you.
Make you wonder why you’re going through.
But if you listen close,
all the lessons are what matters most.
And if you fall down, get back up again.
What goes round, comes round.
No need to win.
Let go.
Let love lead you higher.
Spread your wings, wide.
You’re born to fly.
#AMuseinHarmony .
πŸ“· @life.gazing, edited by me
#lyrics #newsong #originalmusic #artnude #singersongwriter #modernmuse #songbird

Everything I desire flows to me with ease.
Ease is the natural state of my life.
Life reveals all I need for my Soul’s growth.
Growth is a pleasure.
Pleasure delivers my dreams.
Dreams are manifesting for me always.
Always, I am infinitely supported.
Place your #affirmations in the comments below. πŸ‘‡ #createyourreality

Noticing the clearance flower bin at the grocery was freshly stocked, he said, “Want some flowers, lovey?” Her heart beamed with joy, because it was usually her dropping hints, but this time, he beat her to the draw. 😘 #watereachother #loveispatient #loveiskind #growingtogether #lovelanguage #romance #roses🌹

Perhaps it’s the new Soul my portal is bringing, but I’ve been extra nostalgic lately. πŸ’›
This is my Mom and Great Grandmother (my special Mamo’s Mom) with me at 13 (the braces year). I have such fond memories of my childhood with her. My very first public singing performance at 9 was here in the home where she lived her last days. Many of my performances growing up were at nursing homes in my region of East Texas.
A lot of kids I knew were scared of these places. But I saw life. I saw authenticity. I saw people who had lived long, incredible lives all their own. Kind hearts, who embraced me with love, and encouraged me.
Back to Duskie…98 fascinating years, born in 1902. Can you just imagine, a century of life? I remember when she lived at home, and I would stay with her. Things she did, ways she lived, have become so much more clear over the years, a decade into motherhood myself. The great depression, and its influence on her homesteading. And she never drove a car. Random tidbit, but it’s all such a curious peek into her world. πŸ’›
Shelling peas, stinkin’ (garlic) bologna sandwiches with mustard on white bread (her fave), the smell of the fried pies and other desserts she kept on the counter, her aprons, her yard with fruit trees and vegetables and backyard shed, the dogwoods blooming in her front yard, crawling under the blocked up quilt she, my Mamo and Mom would sit round and stitch on…all little glimpses of the blissful river of emotion of memories with her.
#ancestors #lineage #family #generations #nostalgia #oldphoto #1990s #memories

This day last year…when I packed the kids and I up, spur of the moment, and made it to the outer coast of the Olympic Peninsula just in time for sunset. πŸ™Œ
‘Stuff’ fades, but the imprints days like this leave on your Soul last forever.
#carpediem .
#roadtrips #lapush #seizetheday #olympicpeninsula #liveyourlife #pnwonderland #unschooling

#tbt to 4 year old me, and not a lot has changed. I still love to belt Disney songs. Communing with nature is my favorite. I know what I want, and I go for it. Creating is my bliss. (I totally fabric painted the shirt I’m wearing in the photo! 😁) Independent AF, being my own self, charting my own course. Deep compassion for others. A messenger Spirit. And forever in wonderment of this journey called life.
#minime #throwback #vintagephoto #1987 #singersongwriter #1980s #80skid #oldsoul

✨Ecstatic Sex Creates✨ Would you believe me if I told you everything coming to fruition for us today, we once visioned during that sublime trip of omniversal energy known as orgasm? 🌹🌌
Some believe in withholding this charge and directing that energy inward to enhance life force. We believe in fully embracing this powerful gift and channeling it to create, to manifest our desires as a couple. πŸŒ€βš‘
The energy can be channeled omnidirectionally, within and without, while still allowing the waterfall of life giving pleasure orgasm brings. 🌊
Bathe in the bliss of conscious visionary orgasm. Have your cake and eat it, too. For pleasure is part of being alive. All things are one after all. Be a vessel, create universes. πŸ’«
Bringing consciousness to the art of love making is the true alchemical gold. And all this goes for your practice in self-pleasure, too! What will you manifest?

Check out this hella dope painting our Muse, Smay, created of me!! I want it in my house!!
#Repost @smaynova
β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’
“The Songstress”

Inspired by the beautifully talented @amuseinharmony

Thank you for sharing your amazingly healing voice with this world. β™‘
#artistspotlight #portrait #paintyourworld #painting #artappreciation #dayglow #modernmusesoracle #aspiretoinspire

Down by the river
I wash my Soul clean
Down by the river
To the Spirits I sing
Down by the river
I see true
Down by the river
Ever new
#aMUSEinharmony .
πŸ“· from my favorite art nude shoot to date, with my Soul Sister @courtyellowwolf. (WA, Winter 2017)
#artnude #nudeinnature #fineartphotography #wildwoman #waterislife #sing #singersongwriter #lyricalpoet #sacred

Summer days with these dudes. πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ™Œ
Theme of the now…ease and flow. Listening to what my Soul needs on the daily, and giving myself the freedom to live it. Placing myself in the position of power for my life is huge. β™‘
Seems wild, right? That putting yourself first could be so hard. But as a ‘past’ cereal people pleaser, that simple act of knowing what I want, what’s best for my path and stating it to the world unapologetically IS a huge, and oh so rewarding step into my personal power! β™‘
I challenge you, for the next week, to check in with yourself throughout the day, and without fear of how it will effect others, do just what your Soul needs to feel honored and whole. β™‘
πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Ya feel me? Comment your experiences below.
#selfcare #standinyourpower #satisfymysoul #consciousliving #unschooling #dowhatyoulove #iam #sovereign #summerdays

Every single archetype exists within each of us. We are the embodied Muses of today! #ModernMusesOracle vibezzzz!! .
πŸ“· @lorelelove
. .
#priestess #Goddess #togetherwerise #embodied #ancienttimes #pastlives #modernmuses #pillars #oracledeck #whendrummerswerewomen #archetypes

Where the wild flowers grow. There you’ll find me. πŸ¦‹πŸŒ»πŸŒ
I’ve come to a place of such deep peace and inner knowing as of late. That all happens in just the perfect timing. All that is meant for me is lined up in queue. No need to rush or force. Collective shadows of the world are coming to light, and all that’s good and true in the world is having its turn to shine. That walking authentically with integrity clears the path before me. That those who are meant to be in our lives simply are. They show up. Easy as that. And that I am capable of absolutely anything. Rest is as important as action. And love. Well, love always leads the way.
πŸ’– Big love to hubs @jonaaronbray for capturing this photo as I asked at the Fine Arts Fest in Golden this weekend.
πŸ˜‡ Handmade crochet bag by @encourage_life_experience
@crochetfromhomemom .
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