🌊 I don’t always feel brave.🌊 Many steps have I taken in fear, but I took them anyway, knowing that on the other side of that fear might just be my bliss. Mostly I begin to see that those fears are irrelevant craftings of a mind’s attempt to understand and control what it cannot. What really matters is that I am in alignment with my Soul’s desires, and if the answer to that is yes, then I step on. I say thank you to the cautious, questioning part of me. The part that could very well save my life in certain situations. And still, I move on.
This Spring is bringing many new blessings and challenges for our family. I am now working outside our home 22 hours a week, unschooling and raising our boys and budding my passions as a conscious artist, at the cusp of announcing my new Patreon to the world, in hopes of turning this starving artist into a thriving artist. All the while, my husband’s company is taking off (grateful), and taking him to the skies, away from us more than ever. Oh, and did I mention we are also in the process of finding a new place to live by May?

Many days I am simply overwhelmed at all the omniverse is throwing at me at once. I go quiet on the IG airwaves, and then I remember that I am receiving all that I’ve been asking for.

The fear of wondering whether the heck I can do it all is real, and perhaps I share this because I need to let that fear be known before I can take my next step forward to what I feel very well could be the path of my bliss, our bliss, as a family.
I see this Patreon eventually allowing Jon, the kiddos and I to travel, work (play), learn and grow together. A vision we have held in our many years together.

This wire wrapped quartz druzy necklace just arrived about a week ago, not long after my beloved quartz point necklace fell and broke. It is a divinely timed gift from my treasured friends Lobo and Glow of @wiredandstoned. A new stone for new horizons. A new stone for my next step through fear. πŸ’ŽπŸŒžπŸŒΊβš‘πŸŒˆ #1111 http://ift.tt/2mx0WQw

Author: Jess Bray

Jess Bray is an East Texas native artist, creating from her home studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jess believes in the quantum power of music to change the world, writing songs to inspire and empower the audience to become the artist of their own lives.Β She is also theΒ Muse + Founder of #ModernMusesOracle & #ModernMusesCommunity, and Mother of three.

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