2016, thank you for properly kicking my ass and making me new, over and over again. So many lessons, trials, beauty and growth in just one year. •
In this final day of 2016, I have all the feels that this coming year is going to be more connected, creative, and adundant than ever, and I’m allowing myself to get giddy over it all. It’s from abundance which abundance flows after all. 😉

In truth, time, in and of itself, changes nothing. It is the nature of the symphony life itself, ever changing the lanscape. It is in the desires we welcome, and the choices we make in alignment with those desires. •
I am grateful for each and every one of you who have come along with me on this ride. Who have born witness to my shifting tides and loved me through it all. •
Allowing each of us to be the complex, ever-changing, messy and magnificent creatures we were born to be is one of the greatest gifts we can give one another. For in truth, I am you and you are me, and we are only as free as we allow ourselves to be. #perspective ya know? 💫

2017, I see you, you sexy beast, and we’re coming for you. 🙋🌎🌺🎉

What lessons did you learn this year? Let’s share the wisdom, tribe, shall we? 💞

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Author: Jess Bray

Jess Bray is an East Texas native artist, creating from her home studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jess believes in the quantum power of music to change the world, writing songs to inspire and empower the audience to become the artist of their own lives. She is also the Muse + Founder of #ModernMusesOracle & #ModernMusesCommunity, and Mother of three.

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