You know that project hubby and I have been working on? Well, we can’t leave you in suspense any longer.
This is about love. This is about beauty. This is about recognizing our form as a vehicle for the divine. Reclaiming the body as sacred. Not sacred to be hidden, no. Sacred to be revered as the fleeting feat of flesh we get to embody for a while.

Sensual? Yes! Sexual? Yes, we all are! The energy created through our sexuality is a gift that can be channeled to create beauty in our lives and in the world. ✨🔥Content Warning🔥✨ Without further adieu, we present to you, our labor of love, @blissanddread.

Author: Jess Bray

Jess Bray is an East Texas native artist, creating from her home studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jess believes in the quantum power of music to change the world, writing songs to inspire and empower the audience to become the artist of their own lives. She is also the Muse + Founder of #ModernMusesOracle & #ModernMusesCommunity, and Mother of three.

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