Today we visited another world…in the same state of Washington. ◇
The kids and I drove hubby to a job outside Yakima today. The contrast of golds and deep greens, the vast, rugged, open landscape was captivating. ◇
After a long day on the road, I’m also quite happy to be back in my forest nest with a full belly and kiddos in bed and my favorite human by my side. ◇
What are you grateful for as you lay your head to rest?

Author: Jess Bray

Jess Bray is an East Texas native artist, creating from her home studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jess believes in the quantum power of music to change the world, writing songs to inspire and empower the audience to become the artist of their own lives. She is also the Muse + Founder of #ModernMusesOracle & #ModernMusesCommunity, and Mother of three.

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