January 26th: The Symphony of Creation ~ Awakening Your Sacred Voice


I’m answering a deep call to help others awaken to their sacred voice and its power to heal and create.  For lifetimes, I have worked with the waters of the world, and at this pivotal time on earth, when the waters are calling for our positive intentions, let us connect with each other in heart and in song to raise the good vibrations for ourselves, the planet and all BEings.

In this Play-shop we will…

♥ Come together in sacred harmony

♥ Embrace the art of allowing

♥ Deeply listen and hear the music within and around ourselves

♥ Awaken the voice as a sacred instrument for healing

♥ Discover the wisdom of the elements and practice activating them with our voices

♥ Sing into being ~ Create with our voices ~ Sing our intentions

♥ Learn the fundamentals of overtoning

Investment in self…

  • 4 hours of your time and energy
  • $50 (min.) love offering

Next Play-shop ~ Sunday, January 26th, 1-5pm in Mount Juliet, Tennessee (Space is limited to 12)

Facebook event page ~ https://www.facebook.com/events/787406444618990/ 

If you’d like to bring The Symphony of Creation ~ Awakening Your Sacred Voice to your gathering, event, studio, classroom or organization, please connect with me.

For the latest Play-shop info and updates, Like this on Facebook!  https://www.facebook.com/AwakeningYourSacredVoice

Author: Jess Bray

Jess Bray is an East Texas native artist, creating from her home studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jess believes in the quantum power of music to change the world, writing songs to inspire and empower the audience to become the artist of their own lives. She is also the Muse + Founder of #ModernMusesOracle & #ModernMusesCommunity, and Mother of three.

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